2018.02.07 Wed

The Magnum – RudeBwoy Face, Rueed, Akane, Killanami

2018.3.7(wed) IN STORE

MGR-1008 ¥2,300(tax in)

RudeBwoyFace,Rueed,Akaneの録り下ろしDubをKillaNami制作のRiddimに乗せたSpecial Mixtape!!

2.ブレないDeeJay(DUB) – Rueed / RudeBwoy Face / Akane (Response riddim)
3.Real Thing(DUB) – Rueed (Dracula riddim)
4.DeeJay Business(DUB) – RudeBwoyFace (Dracula riddim)
5.Zipang(DUB) – Rueed (Vulture riddim)
6.Emperor Selassie I(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face (Vulture riddim)
7.Jingle – Rueed
8.Babylon Bwoy(DUB) – Rueed (Hispanic riddim)
9.Dancehall Head(DUB) – Akane (Hispanic riddim)
10.Hot Steppa(DUB) – Rueed (Hispanic riddim)
11.Who Do Yu Like?(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face (Worl’ Boss riddim)
12.Move Yu Body(DUB) – Akane (Worl’ Boss riddim)
13.Take Over(DUB) – Rueed (Worl’ Boss riddim)
14.Bombo Claaat!!(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face (Worl’ Boss riddim)
15.Jingle – RudeBwoy Face
16.Shoot To Kill(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face / Rueed / Akane (Cyclone riddim)
17.Rude Gyal(DUB) – Akane (Cyclone riddim)
18.Asobitai(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face / Rueed / Akane / Killa Nami (Exclusive)
19.Uno Fi Move(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face (Relecture riddim)
20.Reggae Start A Fire(DUB) – Rueed (Relecture riddim)
21.Life Goes On(DUB) – Akane (Relecture riddim)
22.My Life(DUB) – Akane (No More Cry riddim)
23.Big Love(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face (No More Cry riddim)
24.Rain(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face (Love in my pocket riddim)
25.Love Life Live(DUB) – Rueed (Love in my pocket riddim.)
26.Tonari(DUB) – Rueed (Go home Riddim)
27.俺だけの女(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face (Go home riddim)
28.Hotty Hotty Gyal(DUB) – Akane (Dress kill riddim)
29.Gyal Dem Medley(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face (Dress kill riddim)
30.Slow Wine(DUB) – Akane (Flexes riddim)
31.夜なんて(DUB) – Rueed (Flexes riddim)
32.Perfume(DUB) – Akane (Between the beats riddim)
33.Baby Girl(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face (Between the beats riddim)
34.Bed Room(DUB)- Akane / RudeBwoy Face (In my dream riddim)
35.Ready Fi Love(DUB) – Rueed (In my dream riddim)
36.RudeBwoy Don’t Cry(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face / Rueed (In my dream riddim)
37 Magnum Lyrics Remix(DUB) – RudeBwoy Face / Rueed / Akane (Exclusive)