1988年生まれ横須賀市出身。レゲエディージェイ。(Deejay) 15歳にそのキャリアをスタートさせ、2007年18歳で「Road to 横浜レゲエ祭」にて史上最年少優勝。 そこから活動の範囲は全国に拡大し、翌年Debut Album「NEW FOUNDATION」をリリース。 1stを含む5枚のフルアルバムと数々のコンセプトアルバムや楽曲、MIX CDをリリースし目まぐるしい成長を経てシーンの一線を走る。 活動の幅は多岐に渡り、突如世に放たれたRUEED(Vo.)Ai Ishigaki(Gt.)Ju-Ken(Ba.)によるバンドプロジェクト『DRLS』(ex.Derailers)ではRUEEDのまた新たな可能性を感じる事が出来る。 Debut EPと1st Albumをリリースし、現在は7人編成となり制作中。 また2017年公開映画「スカブロ」では映画初出演にして初主演を果たす。 昨年2018年には自身の15周年を記念したベストアルバム「MASTERMIND」をリリースし、Home Grownを率いて東京での自身初のワンマンライブも成功させた。 2019年4月新レーベル「Mastermind」を立ち上げ、Magnum Recordsから独立を果たす。 独自の存在を確固たるものにし、彼の唯一無二の世界観はリスナーを魅了し続けている。 今RUEEDから目が離せない。 RUEED is born and raised in Yokosuka, Japan. He started his career as a Reggae Deejay when he was 15 years old. When he was only 18 years old, he won the reggae tournament and was the youngest ever to win the championship. This was the turning point in his career and he started touring all over Japan. RUEED then released his first album “New Foundation” through the record label P-Vine. Since then he has released 2 concept albums, 5 solo albums and has been featured in numerous compilation albums. Alongside his solo career, RUEED became the heart of the band Derailers: RUEED (vocalist), AI Ishigaki (guitar), Ju-ken (bass). This band opened his potential further as an artist. They released their first EP “Track 0”, followed by their first major album “A.R.T.” In 2017 RUEED was chosen as the leading act for the movie SUKABURO (スカブロ) the movie was shot in his hometown Yokosuka, where he grew up. RUEED’s catchy love song “Nice to meet ya” became the ending theme of the movie. In the same year, he released his latest full album “Abandon” and also released “Acoustic Session” EP with his close friend, and guitarist : Yukihiro Atsumi. 2018 will be RUEED’s 15th Year Anniversary as an Artist. He cannot be tied down because he has the potential and talent to constantly evolve as an artist. From midnight clubs to massive Epic festivals, RUEED has the power to captivate his audience by his inspiring songs and strong messages.